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26 July 2010 @ 09:50 pm
#28 Fanmix: Smallville  

Everything by Lifehouse
Episode: 1x01 Pilot

Movies by Alien Ant Farm
Episode: 1x04 X-Ray

Ooh La La by The Wiseguys
Episode: 1x04 X-Ray

Bad Day by Fuel
Episode: 1x03 Hothead

Top of the World by The Juliana Theory
Episode: 1x05 Cool

Up All Night by Unwritten Law
Episode: 1x04 X-Ray

Motivation by Sum 41
Episode: 1x03 Hothead

Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind
Episode: 1x03 Hothead

.Zip file

This was completed for a challenge at cw_land. The community includes Teams Smallville, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries. If you're interested you should apply for a team and tell them I sent you. :)

and because i'm addicted to land comms:

prettyliarsland is an interactive challenge community for PLL.
There are four teams: Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer.

Apply for a team

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